At Lake Country Action Shooters, Coaching is the single most important skill that we carry. We are one of the few groups that focus on engaging novice shooters. We have the best Junior centerfire competition score card in the US because we are experts at coaching novice shooters.

  • Safe

Pistol is safeThe first and foremost value we instill into our shooters is safety – safety in every lecture, safety in every practice, safety in every match. The first concept our shooters learn is safety. We run every practice by focusing on safety first. The rules in every SPP match emphasize safety first. The range officers focus on safety practices first. When they leave the program, what our shooters retain foremost is safety.


  • Qualified

Dave shooting with smoke resizedMost of our coaches are IPSC Masters, compete at the highest level, and shoot with the best shooters in the US and the world. They often enroll their own children in the program.



  • Modern

Modern Teagan with grid sharpened resizedSports teaching has changed a lot in the past thirty years. So has competition shooting.  We use the most modern shooting practices in existence in our sport – those that work best for the highest level shooters. Not surprisingly, they develop our shooters faster and more efficiently than older, more traditional practices.


  • Efficient

Team getting ready around the kartWe create expert shooters from scratch within a season, that is, between September and August.






  • Practical

When shooters leave our program, they carry fundamental safety practices and effective shooting techniques that they will bring to the rest of their lives, whatever they engage in – and that’s what we want for them.

  • Effective

Our competition record (best in the US since the inception of the sport in 2012) coupled with our mission focus (engaging new shooters) shows how effective our coaching methods are.

Coaches with trophy July 2014 cropped resized


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