Scholastic Action Shooting

Lake Country Action Shooters considers scholastic action shooting (the sport of the Scholastic Action Shooting Program) to be the best shooting sport to engage teenagers into pistol and rifle shooting: it creates safe shooters who are also accurate and fast, in an environment where safety is paramount.

The goal is to hit a series of targets 10-18 inches wide, placed 8-30 yards away, as quickly as possible.

Accurate shooters do well. Fast shooters do well. Accurate and fast shooters do best. As a result, scholastic action shooting creates accurate and fast shooters.

In a typical match, the shooter engages several stages of five targets. Each stage is engaged five times (five strings). In each string, the clock starts at the signal beep and ends when the shooter has hit the last target. The measure of performance – the score – is the amount of time needed to hit all targets.

If the shooter encounters a malfunction, he/she must resolve it and reengage targets as soon as possible, since the clock is ticking.

The range officer who oversees each stage is positioned right next to the shooter, and strictly enforces safety rules, while the team coach, behind the shooter, provides ongoing guidance.

Our shooters may shoot centerfire pistols, 22LR pistols, and 22LR rifles. As a team, our focus is on centerfire pistols and 22LR rifles.


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