Lake Country Action Shooters

Lake Country Action Shooters introduces teenagers 12-20 years old to shooting, and turns them into safe and experienced shooters in a season.

At Lake Country Action Shooters, we practice scholastic action shooting (SASP), a sport that emphasizes shooting accurately and fast with stock centerfire and 22LR pistols, and with 22LR rifles. Steel targets offer immediate feedback. Because our shooters have to deal with gun handling in practices and matches, they become familiar with typical malfunctions, and learn to safely remedy them under pressure.

Lake Country Action Shooters brings novice shooters into shooting sports. Yet we hold the best SASP junior centerfire competition record in the US: our primary skill is coaching young teenagers safely and quickly up the learning curve to become safe and experienced shooters. Don’t be surprised if they become better shots than their parents in a season.

Go545 is our site name and our motto: we encourage our shooters to focus on control and accuracy in order to improve their overall speed.  We want them to hit 5 targets with 5 bullets – Go 5 for 5!