About Lake Country Action Shooters

Lake Country Action Shooters’ mission is to introduce new shooters to shooting sports, and to efficiently turn them into safe and experienced shooters: we aim for one season.

Lake Country Action Shooters’ coaches are all high level competing shooters themselves, with deep knowledge of state-of-the-art shooting practices. We do not push competition as a goal. We use matches to measure our shooters’ progress and our coaching efficiency.

You can measure our success for yourself by looking at our State and US results. Despite the fact that we are one of the smallest shooting teams in the US, we carry the best junior State and US SASP centerfire record for 2013, 2014,  and 2015, the three years that we have been in existence.

We are successful in competitions despite the fact that our focus is to engage novice shooters, and that competition is not the goal of our training. Our success validates our coaching technique.