Shooting fundamentals

Lake Country Actions Shooters believes that perfect fundamentals are what makes for successful shooters.   When our shooters get the fundamentals right, they progress quickly and encounter few stumbling blocks. We focus on the acquisition of clean fundamentals for shooting.


Stance resizedWe teach our shooters a solid, simple, natural stance for target engagement, that enables effective body mechanics for movement in shooting.


Grip1 resizedWe focus on teaching a consistent, tight grip that controls the direction (point),  the function (recoil), and the manipulation of the firearm. Position and mechanics are important for both hands.

Trigger control

Trigger control We work on perfecting a smooth motion, that occurs with sight alignment, in five phases: take-up, preparation, break, after-travel and return.

Sight picture

Sight Picture resizedWe progressively teach our shooters the sight pictures that are appropriate to type, size and distance for the target.

Sight alignment

Sight Alignment Incorrect resizedGiven the needed sight picture, we work on obtaining a sound alignment for the accuracy needed at an acceptable range of speed, while taming natural sight oscillations.