Shooting season


Lake Country Action Shooters’ shooting season starts on September 1, and lasts through August 31.


We run on average two practices per month (typically on Friday evenings) until summer, when the number of practices goes up as the shooters’ schedules open.

Each practice focuses on a skill set. In general, it starts with a discussion and demonstration, followed by dry fire practice, followed by live fire practice. The shooter ends the practice by applying the new skill to a stage.

Dry firing

Dry fire practice at home is core to Go545 shooting methodology. Each shooter is expected to dry fire at home 15 minutes five days a week.


Competition is not an end in itself. Matches measure our shooters’ progress and motivate them. Dealing with preparation, emotions and execution is an important part of the life skills they learn from shooting. Our shooters shoot local matches 6 to 8 times a year, state championship, and national championship.

Since our inception, our shooters have won both Wisconsin and US centerfire chanpionships every year.


Our shooters shoot tuned Springfield XDM 525s, Glock 34s and Glock 17s.


Our shooters shoot customized Ruger 10/22s, customized GPR 22s, and stock Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22s.


For a new shooter from a non-shooting family, the investment into a new tuned pistol and equipment costs on average $1,250. Each year, our shooters shoot about 5,000 9mm rounds, at a cost of $0.20 to $0.30 per round (we are able to purchase up to 2,000 rounds per year, sometimes more, at  preferred rates through our federation). Reloading at home significantly decreases ammunition costs, and can improve results.

For rifle practice, a non-custom Ruger 10/22 costs approximately $350, plus a possible range of customizations of up to $800, depending on the shooter’s choice. A stock M&P 15-22 costs approximately $400. Our rifle shooters shoot between 2,500 and 5,000 rounds of 22LR per year, at a cost of $0.06 to $0.10 per round. Shooters have access to team competition rifles for state and national matches.

Missing practices and/or matches

Since we train all year, it is normal for our shooters to miss some practices or matches due to schedule conflicts, homework, or holidays away. Yet we do expect our shooters to show commitment to the team. In particular:

  • coaches should know about absences to state and national matches with several months of lead time.
  • shooters need to attend a minimum number of practices to attend SASP matches per SASP rules
  • coaches will take commitment into account when building match teams