Justin “Buffy” Brannan: a true sportsman

Yesterday, at the 2016 SASP Nationals in Marengo, IL, one of our rifles had a significant trigger problem. We spent the evening and part of the night working on it. But this morning the problem was back, and created severe problems for our shooters.

We were worried that they would not be able to finish the match. This would have been so disappointing to the kids who trained hard the whole season. But, in a nick of time, Justin “Buffy” Brannan, the Carroll County Shooting Sports coach, stepped up and offered to lend us a competition trigger group.

A true sportsman: Justin "Buffy" Brannan
A true sportsman: Justin “Buffy” Brannan

Thanks to him, our shooters shooting today were able to complete the rifle tournament and put in a strong performance. We would like to thank him for his selfless offer: this is true sportsmanship.


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