Midwest Regionals: 4 wins, 4 records

We just came back from Rolla, MO where we were for Midwest Regionals. The full results are not posted yet, but it appears we won both 9mm centerfire pistol and rifle team titles (optics division), and set two US records. We also have the individual male title (Andy Lamm) and female title (Teagan Richman).

Both Andy and Teagan seem to also have set individual US Records. Teagan scored 43.22 seconds at 9mm centerfire, a new SASP women’s record, and Andy scored 36.22 seconds at 9mm centerfire, finally erasing the previous record set by a West Point shooter in 2014!

The team fielded Cameron Thouati de Tazoult, Dylan Richman, Teagan Richman and Andy Lamm. Alex Madsen was also shooting, and had a great meet.

More details (and pics) soon.

We would never have been able to do this without all the support we get from our amazing gunsmith, Richard Dettelhouser of Canyon Creek Gunsmithing, and from Acme Bullets and Jagermann Brass, thanks to whom our shooters can shoot the amount of ammunition they shoot. Many thanks also to Ewald, who lent us the van we used to bring the team to Midwest Regionals!

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