2014 US SPP championship: we are first!

Hard to believe – yet our shooters managed to beat their record from last year at the US SPP championship!

We shot centerfire. We decided to run all of our junior shooters in the junior division, rather than spreading them between junior and senior division. We won the following team titles:

  • Gold medal for our #1 junior team
  • 4th place for our #2 junior team

We won the following individual titles:

  • US female junior champion
  • US male junior champion
  • #1, #2 US junior female shooters
  • #1, #3, #4, #10 US junior male shooters
  • #4 US senior female shooter

It is all the more remarkable given that the majority of our shooters are shooting their first season at the pistol, and that none of our shooters have more than two years of pistol shooting. They did an amazing job applying their training practices to the championship, and controlling their emotions and behavior like real champions. They fully deserve their victory.

Looking at the other teams, it is worth noting that our #1 junior team would also have won the senior championship if they had run in the senior centerfire division.

There are two junior rimfire teams with good times, who could have been strong opponents, but against whom we probably would have won, had they competed in centerfire division. However, there are two senior rimfire teams that would have beat us (1) had they shot centerfire and (2) had our junior team competed in the senior division.

What this means is that we need to improve further next year. We’ll celebrate our shooters next week with a pizza party and some team pictures, but we must be aware that we need to work more and better if we want to be competitive next year 🙂 Let’s close the year with another match followed by a couple of wrap-up practices, and look at how well we can do next year!


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