Press Release: Smallest Team wins 2015 Wisconsin SPP Junior and Senior Centerfire Titles

Lake Country Action Shooters, the smallest team in the competition, won today’s SPP (Scholastic Pistol Program) speed shooting 9mm pistol competition and shattered the national record time in the process.

The team also collected the individual gold, silver and bronze medals for male junior centerfire (9mm) shooters and the individual gold medal for female junior centerfire (9mm) shooters. The six best times in the centerfire division (the most challenging, because of the increased recoil) were realized by team members of Lake Country Action Shooters. Congratulations to:

– Andy Lamm, Dylan Richman, Cameron Thouati de Tazoult and Dylan Richman, 2015 Wisconsin junior team centerfire champions;
–  Andy Lamm, 2015 Wisconsin male junior centerfire champion;
– Teagan Richman, 2015 Wisconsin female junior centerfire champion;
– Dylan Richman, Wisconsin male junior centerfire silver medalist;
– Cameron Thouati de Tazoult, Wisconsin male junior centerfire bronze medalist;
– Tom Ostermann, Kyle Morrison, Alex Matson and Gunnar Morgan, 2015 Wisconsin senior team centerfire champions
– Tom Ostermann, Wisconsin male senior centerfire champion (a true junior)
– Alex Matson, Wisconsin male senior centerfire silver medalist (a true junior)
– Kyle Morrison, Wisconsin male senior centerfire bronze medalist

Lake Country Action Shooters, the smallest team in the WI SPP speed shooting championship, counts only nine young middle school and high school shooters, with no corporate or organizational sponsorships. Yet its junior team and its senior team each won won their category at today’s Wisconsin SPP 9mm Pistol Championship. What is more, its junior team won by shattering last year’s National record of 235 seconds, beating it by 25 seconds! Its senior team also won its category, despite counting a majority of juniors in its ranks.

This record time by Lake Country Action Shooters’ junior team now makes it the front runner at SPP Nationals in a month from now. When asked what makes such a small team so successful, Dave Richman, the team’s coach, answers, “we shoot less than most other teams but we teach our kids to shoot smarter.” Michel Thouati, one of the team parents, disagrees: “Coach Richman is in the process of revolutionizing speed pistol shooting with unique new coaching methods that none of the other teams use.”
SPP competitions, aimed at high school and college students, consist of 4 courses, each with 5 steel targets, that must be engages 5 time each (a “string”) by each shooter, for a total a 100 targets. Each shooter’s score is the sum of the elapses time for each string, for the shooter to hit each target. For each course, the longest string elapsed time is discarded.
Lake Country Action Shooters, based in Hartland, WI, typically starts shooters with no experience, and has taken a part in competition for the past two years. Amazingly, it has won both Wisconsin and national Championships in 2013 and 2014 with its Junior 9mm Pistol team, despite lacking access to a team range or to practice SPP courses.

For more information contact:

Dave Richman
Coach, Lake Country Action Shooters

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