We won the 2015 WI SPP Junior and Senior Titles!

What a great job our young shooters did at the 2015 Wisconsin Scholastic Pistol Program Championship!

All of our shooters shot centerfire (9mm). We fielded two teams of 4 shooters each, a junior team and a senior team (our senior team really counted only one senior and three juniors).

We won the following team titles:

  • Gold for our junior team (Andy Lamm, Dylan Richman, Cameron Thouati de Tazoult, Teagan Richman)
  • Gold for our senior team (Tom Ostermann, Alex Matson, Kyle Morrison, Gunnar Morgan)

In addition, our shooters also won the following individual titles:

  • Gold (Junior male shooter) for Andy Lamm
  • Gold (Junior female shooter) for Teagan Richman
  • Silver (Junior male shooter) for Dylan Richman
  • Bronze (Junior male shooter) for Cameron Thouati de Tazoult

This is an amazing set of trophies for our young shooters, who are, we believe the smallest team at the WI championships, and who have never been able to use an official course to practice so far.

The Nationals are in 5 weeks, and all of our shooters are going. They have an excellent chance to do well, since our junior team shattered last year’s National record time of 235 seconds by an incredible 25 seconds, and our senior team is not too far behind. Let’s wish them a great performance up there!

This year, for the first time, SPP Nationals will be running, in addition to the regular pistol courses for the championship, a rimfire (22LR) rifle competition with two stages as a rifle match.  We expect that the large majority of shooters present at Nationals will shoot the rifle competition as well, and we see it as a good way to gauge our well our own shooters are doing with rifle training. Therefore,  all of our shooters will shoot the rifle competition.

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