2015 SPP Championships – we won!

We just got the final results from the 2015 SPP championships, and they are hard to believe. Our shooters have pulled an incredible performance!

All of our shooters shot centerfire. We presented a junior team and a senior team (most of whose members were true juniors), plus one alternate shooter (Patrick).

  • Our junior team (Andy Lamm, Dylan Richman, Cameron Thouati de Tazoult, Teagan Richman) won the team gold and shattered the national record by 28 seconds, scoring an amazing 188 seconds!
  • Andy Lamm won the junior male gold
  • Teagan Richman won the junior female gold
  • Dylan Richman won the junior male silver
  • Cameron Thouati de Tazoult won the junior male bronze
  • Patrick McGuire was 8th junior male  shooter
  • Our senior team (Tom Ostermann, Alex Matson, Kyle Morrison, Gunnar Morgan) won the team silver
  • Tom Ostermann was 4th senior male shooter

In addition, SPP was running a rimfire rifle competition (with two courses), that most of our shooters competed in. We had 4 shooters in the top 10 (Andy Lamm, Cameron Thouati de Tazoult, Dylan Richman and Tom Ostermann), and Andy Lamm won a bronze (and a rifle :-).

How good are our shooters? The junior team record was established by four juniors in exactly 188.59  seconds. The best team time this year by any team at any level was established by the best West Point team (West Point #1)) at Collegiate Nationals, and was 188.04 seconds. So the best West Point shooters beat our high school juniors by a combined 0.55 second over 400 steel targets! Dave Richman, our head coach, would love to see our kids shoot against West Point and thinks they have a fair chance to win.

We have never been so successful at Nationals: kudos to our shooters who worked very hard on their form and times the weeks before Nationals, and have accomplished a truly amazing record this year!

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