2014 Wisconsin SPP state championship: we are first!

Our shooters did a remarkable job at the 2014 Wisconsin SPP State Championships this year! We did not think that we could top last year, but we did.

We shot centerfire. Our teams won the following titles:

  • Gold medal for our junior team
  • Bronze medal for our senior team (with mostly junior shooters)

We won the following individual titles:

  • State overall female champion
  • State female junior champion
  • State overall male champion
  • State male junior champion
  • #1, #2 female junior shooters

Let’s not forget that most of our shooters started shooting the pistol this season, and that none of our shooters even have a full 2 years of experience at the pistol. They did extraordinarily well, both in shooting performance and in preparation/ emotional control.

Now let’s focus on Nationals coming up. We will have even tougher competition, and our next practices need to be very sharp. Back to work everyone!

2013 US SPP championship: we are first!

Unbelievable! We shot centerfire at the US SPP championship. We won the following titles:

  • US male junior champion
  • US Silver Medal female senior
  • US female junior champion
  • Silver medal for our junior team
  • #1, #2, #3 female junior shooters

It is hard to believe that our shooters could do so well with no experience prior to the beginning of the season: they did an extraordinary job. They validate the beliefs and practices that we apply in our coaching plan along the year.

Congratulations to our amazing shooters! Now let’s get some rest, go through a couple of wrap-up practices, and close the season 🙂 Let’s see how well we can do next year.

2013 WI SPP state championship: we are first!

Congratulations to our brilliant shooters and state teams!

We shot centerfire at the WI SPP state championship. Our junior team won Gold, and our senior team won Bronze – a great result for our shooters!

In individual titles, we also have the WI male junior champion and the WI female junior champion.

What a championship! Our shooters, despite their inexperience, did extremely well and showed their amazing progress along the year. Let’s not forget that none of them had shot a pistol before the beginning of the season: a remarkable year for them!

Now let’s focus on the US championship and see how well we can do there 🙂